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• In the election of 1828, Jackson received most of the votes cast in the frontier states. • He also received most of the votes in the South, where his support for states’ rights was popular. • John C. Calhoun of South Carolina, who had been Adams’s vice president, switched parties to run with Jackson.

HBO to air Adams mini-series next month HBO is planning to air a star-studded, seven-part original mini-series about John Adams, the second U.S. president. Entertainment News // 1 decade ago The Election of 1796 Hamilton was the first Federalists choice for president but he was considered to controversial to run Adams (Federalist) is chosen and is elected president in 1796 John Adams Massachusetts Federalist 71 51.4% Thomas Jefferson Virginia Democratic-Republican 68 49.3% Thomas Pinckney South Carolina Federalist 59 42.8% Aaron Burr ...

Sep 22, 2008 · Supporting Actor, Miniseries or Movie: Tom Wilkinson, John Adams, HBO. Supporting Actress, Miniseries or Movie: Eileen Atkins, Cranford (Masterpiece Theatre), PBS. Directing for a Drama Series ... Paul Giamatti portrays John Adams. The miniseries was directed by Tom Hooper. Kirk Ellis wrote the screenplay based on the 2001 book John Adams by David McCullough. The biopic of John Adams and the story of the first 50 years of the United States was broadcast in seven parts by HBO between March 16 and April 20, 2008.

John Adams is a seven-part mini-series that chronicles the political career of the second U.S. President and the crucial role he played in the founding the country. Paul Giamatti ( Sideways, 12 Years a Slave ) brilliantly portrays John Adams and Laura Linney ( The Big C, The Truman Show ) plays his wife and close confidant, Abigail Adams, the ... The Presidential election of 1800, also known as the Revolution of 1800, was a significant signal to the world that the newly formed United States was indeed a country where the people determined their leaders, and thus their fate. That’s due to the fact that the vote was a contentious, non ... Find out where John Adams is streaming, if John Adams is on Netflix, and get news and updates, on Decider. Celebrate Paul Giamatti's birthday by watching the best TV he's ever been a part of: "12 ... Browse the full John Adams cast and crew credits for actors by character names from the HBO original program. Check out the cast and crew of John Adams on HBO. John Adams Cast & Crew | HBO Official Site