Sodium silicate data sheet

approximateb' 38.6% sodium silicate. In a study fed sodium silicate in drinking water for three months, at 200, 600 and 1800 ppm, changes were reported in the blood chemistry of some animab, but no specific changes to the organs of the animals due to sodium silicate administration were observed in any of the dosage groups.

SAFETY DATA SHEET SMARTPOWER PRESOAK POT & PAN 913127-05 2 / 9 Product AS SOLD Pure substance/mixture : Mixture Chemical Name CAS-No. Concentration: (%) Sodium Carbonate 497-19-8 60 - 100 Sodium silicate 1344-09-8 10 - 30 alcohols, c12-16, ethoxylated 68551-12-2 1 - 5 Product AT USE DILUTION No hazardous ingredients Section: 4.

Safety Data Sheet according to 29CFR1910/1200 and GHS Rev. 3 Effective date : 12.15.2014 Page 2 of 8 Sodium Chromate, Anhydrous Created by Global Safety Management, Inc. -Tel: 1-813-435-5161 - Sodium silicate, also known as waterglass, is a versatile inorganic chemical made by combining sand and soda ash (sodium carbonate) at high temperature. Adjusting the ratio of sand to soda ash yields a variety of products with unique functionality used in many industrial and consumer product applications. PQ sodium silicate is available in solid (lump glass, cullet), liquid, and powder (hydrous and anhydrous) forms. Safety Data Sheet ----- Section1: IDENTIFICATION OF THE SUBSTANCE/MIXTURE AND OF THE COMPANY/UNDERTAKING ----- 1.1 Product identifier Product Name Shot-Set 250 Liquid Accelerator Alternative Names Modified Liquid Sodium Silicate SS250 (Shot Set 250) CAS No. 1344-09-S Clean dishes should smell like clean dishes. Our plant-derived enzymes make short work of even the toughest dried-on food and stains. This dishwasher detergent has been formulated to work with your automatic dishwasher. Please follow instructions to get the most effective dishwashing experience ... Safety Data Sheet. Sodium Silicate Solution Page 2 of 4 Steps to Take in Case Material Is Released or Spilled: Exposure to the spilled material may be irritating or harmful. Follow personal protective equipment recommendations found in Section 8 of this SDS.

Sodium hydroxide CAS #: 1310-73-2 49-51% . Sodium Carbonate CAS #: 497-19-8 <0.2% . Sodium Chloride CAS #: 7647-14-5 <1.0% . Water CAS #:7732-18-5 Balance (See Section 8 for exposure guidelines) Section 3: HAZARDS IDENTIFICATION . NFPA: Health - 3 Flammability - 0 Reactivity - 2 ClearTech is a Canadian leader in the distribution of chemicals and chemical equipment for municipal, commercial and industrial uses., The borax (sodium borate) can be obtained from your grocery store as "Twenty Mule Team Borax," a laundry bleaching agent. The borax is mixed at a 4% concentration in water. To do this measure out 4 grams of borax and dissolve in 96 grams (milliliters) of water (note: Water has a density of 1 g/mL). Safety Data Sheet Material Name: ArmaKleen M-Aero Concentrate SDS ID: 82796 Section 1 - PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION Material Name ArmaKleen M-Aero Concentrate Product Code 6330, 6430 Formula Code 42000120 Synonyms Not available. Product Use Aqueous, alkaline, concentrated cleaner that is to be diluted with water. NUPRO® NUSolutions™ Prophylaxis Paste With Novamin® and Fluoride August 22, 2008 2 of 6 Eye Contact: Flush eyes with large quantities of water for at least 15 minutes, holding the eyelids apart.