508a datasheet

UL 508A, File No. E61997: Type 4 and 12 NEMA/EEMAC Type 4, 12, and 13 CSA, File No. 42186: Type 4 and 12 VDE IP66 IEC 60529, IP66 CONCEPT two-door models UL 508A, File No. E61997: Type 12 NEMA/EEMAC Type 12 CSA, File No. 42186, Type 12 VDE IP 55 IEC 60529, IP55 Patents This product is covered by the following patents: US D360,345 US 5,509,703

Datasheet: Electronics Description: Schurter Inc. 5081 IEC Appliance Outlet D, Inlay Mounting, Solder Terminal: 5082 IEC Appliance Outlet D, Screw-on Mounting, Front or Rear Side, Solder Terminal: 5083 IEC Appliance Outlet D, Snap-in Mounting, Front Side, Solder Terminal: 5084 IEC Appliance Outlet D, Screw-on Mounting, Front Side, Solder Terminal

UL 508A Certified Enclosures. Benefits of selecting an enclosure or cabinet that carry the UL 508A certification include: UL 508A certification provides the inspection authority and your customer evidence that the control panel complies with nationally recognized safety standards. These standards ensure public safety, and provide assurances ... Closed-loop electro-hydraulic control products for industrial machinery with integrated electronics onboard (OBE) and electrical feedback using a spool position transducer.

Soils. Focus areas include testing, acceptance and approval for embankments, foundations, mechanically stabilized earth walls, modification of soils, and soil stabilization. BU508A Datasheet (PDF) 1.1. bu508af 2.pdf Size:48K _philips. Philips Semiconductors Product specification Silicon Diffused Power Transistor BU508AF GENERAL DESCRIPTION High voltage, high-speed switching npn transistors in a fully isolated SOT199 envelope, primarily for use in horizontal deflection circuits of colour television receivers.