Ns 8002 datasheet

DS Data to WR setup time 20 ns t DH Data to WR hold time 0 ns t WR WR pulse width 20 ns t LDAC LDAC pulse width 20 ns Data setup time t RST RST pulse width 20 ns Data hold time t LWD WR to LDAC delay time 0 ns INTERFACE TIMING, V DD = +2.7V(1) (See Figure 40 and Table 1) t DS Data to WR setup time 35 ns t DH Data to WR hold time 0 ns t WR WR ...

ns 8002 switching rules and charges transferred to ns 8001-a ns 9207-j in full ns 9300-b in full ns 9359-h in full ns 9270-a in full ns 9790-a in full participating carriers abbreviation name of carrier

The 8002 is a Class-AB audio power amplifier. It is capable of delivering 2.0 watts of continuous average power to an 4Ω BTL load with less than 10% distortion (THD+N) from a 5VDC power supply, or 1.5 watts continuous average power to an 8 Ω BTL load with less than 1% distortion. 4 IKW40N60H3 High speed switching series third generation Rev. 2.4, 2014-03-12 Maximum ratings Parameter Symbol Value Unit Collector-emitter voltage, Tvj ≥ 25°C VCE 600 V DC collector current, limited by Tvjmax NS 8002 : Description: NS 8002 leads an empty coal hopper train out of the yard at Bluefield, VA towards the coal fields of West Virginia. This train had 2 AC units and 2 DC GEVOs on the head end, I assume the AC units will be taken off at Farm to be used as helpers, as is usually the case on the Pokey. Photo Date:

Jun 26, 2017 · NS8002 Datasheet – Nsiway – Bridged Audio Power Amplifier. Posted on June 26, 2017 September 6, 2019 by Pinout. This is one of the semiconductor types. Specifications of SG-8002 or HG-8002 series page Item Model Current consumption Operating voltage Output load Output rise / fall time Duty Output control 43 SG-8002LA (SON 4-pin) SG-8002LB (SOJ 4-pin) PH 35 mA Max. 4.5 V to 5.5 V 15 pF 4.0 ns Max. (20 % to 80 % VDD / 80 % to 20 % VDD, CL = Max.) Crystal oscillator Specifications (characteristics) Item Symbol Specifications *2 Conditions / Remarks PT / ST PH / SH PC / SC Output frequency range f 0 1 MHz to 125 MHz -V